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Barrett Lake
Sept 11-15

Trip Report: Barrett Lake

Sept 21-23, 2018
Trip report by Doug

Members attending: Doug, Rick Frier, his friend Mark, James and Linda Anthony, Jason Stevens

I met Jason Friday morning at the Hwy 129 -101 intersection were we caravans up. Left around 7 got there around 2:30. We had one little traffic jam on our way. Wrights lake road off of 50 is about 15 miles or so past Ice House road. Being my first time there the road was not as bad IMO as precieved to be via internet articles. There were some tight s turns at the beginning and of course a steep section but not as bad as I was expecting. Jason and James both towed with there motor homes with no problems.

Friday upon arrival to a nice campground secluded in the forest I unload my Jeep to set out and find Rick and Mark who were already there. I found Rick's camp and went back to get Jason, Rick and Mark were there with him. After Jason and I got set up we decided to go into the trail for a bit. We just went through the gate keeper and in a 1/2 mile or so to a turn around spot were we got out and checked out the views for a bit. We then returned to camp to check and see if James and Linda have arrived yet. Upon our wait it was taco night at Mark's camp were he proceeded to make very delicious taco after taco til we were all stuffed and could eat no more, thanks Mark. Shortly after taco's James and Linda arrived and got set up and came over to Mark's camp for a couple taco's. We then came up with a plan for a evening run. It was just about dusk when we set in to the trail. Rick's Willy's, James and my TJ's, and Jason's Bronco. Rick and James went through the gate keeper! , upon Jason's turn he breaks a front axle shaft. So we all went through the gate keeper and turned around and drove back to camp to check the the carnage. Jason was able to drive back to camp, the benefit of locking hubs. James had a u joint for the axle but the ear was torn on the short shaft. And of course Jason had a spare, at home. So the bronco was done. So we sat around the fire had a few drinks then went to bed.

Saturday's plan was everyone be ready at 8 to hit the trail. We were all ready at 8 except for one person who failed to load his kayak. So we waited for Rick and hit the trail at 9. Rick and Mark in Rick's jeep, James and Linda in theirs, and Jason rode with me. We set out through the gate keeper and away we went. Rick led the way as he was there two years ago as a passenger with Bill Bailey. Followed by myself and James was the tail. We were rolling along about three quarters of the way through the trail going through a pretty tough rock garden James breaks his front track bar. So we all dove in pulled it out Rick welded it with his on board welder and a angle iron gusset and put it back in. A couple of other rigs came up on us and we let them pass. At this time James decided it would be best if he turned around and went back being the he flat towed his rig and needed to assure he would still make it home. So Rick and Mark and Jason and I set out to complete the trail, being it is a "in and out" trail if James were to brake again we would see him on the way out. About an hour later we reached Barrett Lake. It was a nice little lake with nice lakeside camping, and it was full there were a lot of rigs and people there playing horseshoes and partying it up. We pulled off to the right by a friendly group of people who just got there before us. Rick proceed to fire off his canon to let everyone know we had arived. Rick and Mark paddled the kayak around the lake, and I broke out my fly fishing pole and tossed a spinner around for a bit with no luck. We stayed about an hour and then loaded up. Rick was going to do one for the road and fire his cannon the crowd of people loved it and wanted to see it again, but there was one gentleman who became a total Richard and was opposed so we just left without a bang. James and Linda made it back to camp without any problems earlier that afternoon. We made good time back to camp, I only had one oh-shit moment on the way back where I had to ask Jason to hop out and give me a spot, due to bad line choice. It happened once on the way in as well. But we made good time and got back before dark. We then all split up to clean up and eat then met back at Mark's nice campfire.

Sunday morning James and Linda were packing up around 8 I stopped by said our goodbye's and I went and tried a little fishing ar Wrights Lake for a bit with no luck. After that Jason and I packed up and left around 10:30. Rick and Mark stayed another night.

I thought overall it was a pretty awesome trail about 6 miles in 6 miles out. I liked the fact that I was in 4low the whole trail. Kind of reminds me of Swamp Lake but shorter with all the good stuff and not the longer trail in between the obstacles. The gate to the trail is 86 inches wide so it keeps all of the full width buggies from tearing it up. The trail is maintained by the Hi-Landers 4x4 club they say on their web page it is a 9 out 10. I don't no if I would call it a 9 but lockers are needed. What I thought made it more difficult and technical was the fast that it was narrow and lots of trees, kind of like squeeze points I guess. All in all it was a great trip.

Thanks Doug Rothstein

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