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Barrett Lake
Sept 11-15

Trip Report: Fordyce

August 24, 2017
Trip report by Paul Wubbels
Photos by Paul Wubbels

Members in attendance: Bill , Mick and Lori, Kyle, Robin, Rick, Dean and Paul

Members Bill, Mick and Lori, Kyle, Robin, Rick, Dean and Paul all showed up on Wednesday afternoon. Party started. Guests Jason, Steve, Bob and Bob showed up Thursday morning.

First morning driver meeting

Day one 9 am-ish: We hauled it up to the committee trail. Wheeled down to the river put a toe in the water and decided that since Kyle had not crossed before, that he should go 1st. Canon fire started the crossing, it was definitely deeper than ever before. Just to prove how bad ass Kyle was he picked (or was dirrected to ) the toughest line. He jumped right and hit the water! Turned his very nice Bronco into a boat then a submarine. A little extra on the skinny pedal and up on the shore he went. Excellent wheelin great form. Thanks for the show Kyle. Dried out the computer and watched a couple of people cross or almost. One club decided to stay on the other side and Wheel the Con instead.

Kyle just after washing out his computer . never dare him to go first

Up the hill we went. Rolled up to Winch Hill 3 - looked at it and decided that nope Ain't happening. Had lunch and continued up. Great wheeling on 4. Dean decided to go the hard way on 5 so I had to follow, showed everyone the underside of my jeep , and how far I can hang out of the side to be a counter weight. Headed up to the lake, hung out. Bill and Robin tried fishing ( not catching). It was decided that Bill, Mick and Kyle would drive around the Freeway. Dean and us wheeled down in record time. Rick pointed out a better way across, which turned out to quite a deep hole floated across. Mine and Dean's rig both stalled at the river out, dried out the air cleaners and off. Hauled down the hill met up with Mick, Bill and Kyle back at camp. Jason, Bob and Steve ( super nice rigs ) also came into to camp at the same time, they spent the day exploring the bottom of the trail. Lori had cheese and crackers waiting then the Potluck was on! Stories and laugh around the camp fire, off to sleep ( or pass out ) which ever fit.

Friday morning I had to pack up and leave, but the other went out, half to the bottom and the other to the top. Heard Dean separated his rear diff from its housing, the others will have to fill in the rest. This is always a great trip and would recommend setting a side the time next year.

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