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Barrett Lake
Sept 11-15

Trip Report: Hollister Hills Shamrock Run

March 15-16, 2019
Trip report by Paul Wubbels

Photos by Cotton Tichy, Robin Down, and Chuck Julian

Members in attendance: Doug Rothstein, Gary Rowe, Jeff Wells, Eli and Judi Casey, Mick and Lori, and one guest, Gary's friend Andy in a TJ Rubicon.

Friday morning
I showed up at 9 am to save places for all camping ( didn't feel like working ) stopped at the ranger station to pay and the gal there told me that the upper ranch was to be closed for an event , but the event was canceled . so note to self-make sure to call to be sure the park will be open . Friday had members showing up all day even Robin made it in the daylight , but the keys to his Camper never showed up :) . Rigs got unloaded, camps set up and a fire was started . Renea brought our Granddaughter out to play , She drove her 1st jeep and loved it , came little close to Mike and Brandis camper , glad you guys didn't see that! Member that showed up Friday were ReNea and I - Mike Brandi , Sammy. Doug came but his jeep didn't want to - Rick-Chuck and finally Jason. We took up about a 1/3 of the parking at the obstacle course.
Members Sukie , Robert and Cotton with his Daughter, Gary and his Niece all showed up , Guests and hopefully new member were Brad and Michelle , Greg and Beth . both came with new Wrangler Sports and had not wheeled until then . they were troopers and jumped in the water trap and the hill climb . a couple of friends of mike's came out , however I didn't catch their names they brought a Cherokee and a yota pick up. Good wheelers , Sammy brought her YJ and wheeled it for the 1st time , She does great . I missed the drivers meeting due searching for my daughter but made in it time to see everyone hitting the hill climb. From there we took lunch back at camp and headed up to the upper obstacle course , one wrong turn made us look like we in a parade , don't let me lead ! , Had the place to ourselves until we started into the rocks and then there was a crowd . Rick showed us how high he could get his front tires in the air and how to balance the center of your jeep on a rock ( high centered) . Robert rolled though with Jason on his heels , Mike hit big stuff right away and I followed . Robert got through e course and powered out of the pit, quite the show , I made it to the last 10 and twisted a drive line and had to pull of the course , big thanks to Robin for jumping in and removing the broken parts . I had to leave but I understand the balance of the crew kept wheeling.
If I left any one out please forgive me , see you tonight
Paul Wubbels

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