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Barrett Lake
Sept 11-15

Trip Report: Sierra Trek

Aug 6-11, 2019
Trip report by Paul

Members attending: Doug, Jeff Moore, Robin, Jeff Moore, Brian, and guest Greg and Beth

Tues Aug 6th

Tuesday evening I rolled in and set up a perimeter site, close as we could get to the main area. plenty of room for everyone. Met some really nice folks driving and walking around.

Wed Aug 7th

Wednesday was all about kicking back enjoying the down time and scenery. Plenty of cool rigs every where. Same day our club started to roll in - Doug and Jeff, then Brain and guest Greg. Busy time getting setup and talking wheelin, event and all about the winch hill tomorrow. Robin rolled in some time in the night.

Thurs Aug 8th

Thursday morning off we went, following the river run. We manned two winch hills with Brian, Greg and myself on 3.5 and Robin, Doug and Jeff on 4, think they had the better winch hill lot's of action. Ours was mostly a roll up :) most everyone was great and friendly except a couple of guys with attitudes, but we let then beat on the rocks for a while then showed them the way up. The raffle tickets for Doug's BBQ were a HIT and really set SC4WDC apart from the other hills. Once every one got through we pointed up hill and headed back to camp, where a great dinner awaited us. Even got our 1st beer on the house from the Bar, you just cant beat that with a stick. All of the Cal 4 wheel folk were fantastic. Spent the evening meeting people and checking out the happenings. Later that night Greg, Beth and their daughter Megan ( super trooper ) rolled in as well as pledge Jeff Moore. I think one more meeting and he's in! Several of us have wheeled with him and his bad ass bronco knows how to get it done.

Fri Aug 9th

Friday morning found us a little behind schedule which meant Doug and Jeff went without Breakfast ( taking one for the team ). Cal 4 wheel wanted us in front of the runs to help them down hill? Who knew, but gravity did it's job. Brian bent his tie rod smashing into BIG boulders, and wound up staying with winch hill 4 to fix it. Beth, Megan and Robin bounced between our two hills. Another great day this time about 100 rigs came up the hill, half from river run and the other from the bottom. Lot's of winching, several breaks below us, mostly hubs and outers, one of rigs had to be left on the trail, broken axle. Lot's of great moments watching wheeler's giving it hell, we did have one roll over and a pretty serious one, could have turned out really bad for the driver, passenger and Jeff Moore. Jeff had to jump off the rocks, down about 8 foot and was barely missed by the rolling rig. The driver was wheeling MAD, I think he had enough and just wanted to back in camp, just would not listen and tried to horse power up the hill even after being told by numerous people to STOP. In minutes we had winches on him and rolled back on to his wheel's and winched him down the hill to work on his rig, got running, this time took a winch line up. We had left our hill all set up with canopy and bbq, chairs - nothing missing next day. 3.5 headed up at the end of the day a little earlier than Cal 4 wheel liked. The trail sweeps were reported right behind us but with lack of good com's we got bad intel and headed up, this was a bad call on my part since the sweeps had a couple of rigs in tow and could have used our help. We got to 4, where Doug was Battery welding Brian's tie rod back together. We had just enough seats for everyone and different people rode in different rigs. Once again the chow was off the hook and the atmosphere in camp was killing it. We hung out for a while them back to our camp for Margaritas and lantern camp fire and bull slinging.

Sat Aug 10th

Saturday up early everyone got chow and out we went it was just the river run again but seemed to be around 40 or so rigs, same bad players were the same waythe next day, must have forgot that we were all out to help and that this was fun. Headed back up this time with the sweeps hot on our heels, Megan got a stick shift class from Doug on the way back. Some really great wheeling on hills 4 and 5 so we did get to run some of the trail. Top of 5 was packed all the time, I went up with Megan as my co driver 1st time wheeling, lifted a tire, there had been several roll overs in this spot so I backed down and took a spot from the winch crew rolled right up, Jeff was hot on my heels and gave a show. Speed run down the trail to the puddles were Beth insisted we sail though. She didn't get any mud on her but I got covered.

Sun Aug 11th

Next day same thing except Jeff Moore came up winch hill 5 from the bottom all horse power which was quite the show and cheers from the crowd. No spotter so Greg and I went up, found a slightly different line an crawled up. The top of the hill was packed waiting for roll overs glad we didn't accommodate. Back to camp in 4th gear high where once again the chow was hot the drinks were cold. The raffle was a lot of fun, some members won things. Doug's BBQ was raffled off separately and landed a cool $250.00 everyone was stoked. All in all I think we did a great job and repp'd the club well, not to mention having a really great time!

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