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Barrett Lake
Sept 11-15

Trip Report: Dusy Creek/Ershim Trail

Duzy Run - September 2nd -5th
Trip Report by Rick Frier

See Rick's photos of Dusy Creek

Four Jeeps were in the K-mart parking lot at 5:30pm on September 2. The drivers and passengers were James & Ryan, Brian & Dean, Brad & Sherri and Rick & Baloo. We left for our fun filled ride to the mountainous hills and all went well. We arrived at Shaver Lake town to leave our trucks at about 10:30pm and arrived at the Dinky creek campsite near Shaver Lake at 11:15pm. It was cold and we were tired. We threw our sleeping bags on the ground and tried to sleep. My dog Baloo kept us safe for about an hour until she fell asleep.

We were up early, cold and back on the road at ~8:30am. We arrived at the parking lot just above Courtright reservoir at 9:30am. The tires were aired down and we headed for the beginning of the trail. At 10:00am we were climbing Chicken Rock. We were all kind of surprised when it started snowing on us. The snow lasted for a couple of hours and it was still very cold all through the day. Our goal the first day was to climb Thompson Hill and camp beyond, which seemed to go rather smoothly. We arrived at Thompson Lake at ~5:00pm and set up camp. We sat around the campfire and cooked, had dinner and chatted about the day. The first day went well with nothing to fix.

The next morning we were up at sunrise with cold feet and cooking breakfast. Our campsite was packed up and we were back on the trail at 9:00am. We Jeeped, stopped, had mandatory beer breaks, chatted and kept Jeeping along. Saturday was much warmer and we were wearing shorts and t-shirts. The day again was very smooth and fun. The mandatory beer breaks were a bit more frequent which is a good thing. Our goal was to make it to Irshim Lake and have lunch; we were there at ~3:30pm. We had lunch and when Brad brought out his shower we decided that this was camp for the night. The boys went wood hunting and chopping with good success. The bonfire was big and warm with the assistance of Dean's campfire starting abilities. The group was in bed and sleeping not much past sunset.

Sunday morning we were back on the trail at 9:00A.M. just cruzing along. Sunday was warmer which was very nice. Brad did some fishing but the little fishiest fishies were not in the mood for a catch and release moment. Sunday was the first day we really talked to or even saw Jeeps and Jeeping people. The day again went smoothly over all those speed bumps. We were at the top of the World "White Bark Vista" at 3:00 P.M. that afternoon (10, 862 ft.). While eating lunch and chatting, James, Brad, Sherri and their Jeeps decided to make a run for home so they left. Talking to James the next day, Brad had to repair a valve stem after dinner on the way home. Brian, Dean and I stayed around to see if we could change the course of the world. After a couple of hours of looking, talking and playing we came to the conclusion that this change was just not going to happen so we headed for Shaver Lake. We left Shaver Lake with our rigs tied to our trucks @ 6:30 P.M. The drive home was uneventful except there was no traffic. Looking back on the trip, I still have the same thoughts about the Duzy trail - It's a Duzy and we all had a great time.


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