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Sept 11-15

Trip Report: Fordyce Creek, 2012

Date: July 29-August 2, 2012
Trailmaster: Paul Wubbels

Members on the run: Rick and Caroline Frier, Brian and Lael Potter, Beau and Katie Tyrrel and kids  Paul and ReNea Wubbels.
Guests: Gary Flint, Angela and their daughter. Great group !

The Friers, Potters and Wubbels left Casa De Fruita 10 am Thursday morning (should have been 9 am but we wanted to have Muffin and crew there in sprit). Raced the whole way and rolled into Cisco groove campground at 3 pm. Found our sites and set up. Found Beau's rig - of course you can't miss it. Spent the rest of the day and evening relaxing and socializing. Friday morning relaxing start headed out to committee crossing, the water was hardly running. We crossed over, had lunch and played in the rocks for a little while, then decided on winch hill three. Beau made short work of it in a couple of directions, I spider-manned it through middle of the crack on the sidewalls of my tires, just a bit too wide. Then Brian rolled up decided he didn't like his soft top any longer so removed a small section for better air flow. That not being good enough, he then demonstrated how to properly lay your rig on its side without scratching any paint. A short winch up and through, then Rick decided it was to much effort to walk back down to his rig and drive off - so he bowed out. Wanting to get back to camp before dark we turned around and hole shot it back. The trail coming back is getting better and better. Back at camp had a great dinner drinks and laughs. Gary and crew rolled in around 1 pm (or so I was told, past my bed time).

Saturday morning started with some motor mount work on Brian's rig - couple of loose nuts (mainly the guy behind the wheel) and we were off for winch hill one. Just past the gate keeper, we hit our first plug in the trail: a Toyota land curser was dead with no juice. They had been there all night - no food - no water - no warmth. Being prepared to stay the night should be part of everyones' basic gear. Quick jump start and a winch out had us going again. Crossed the river again and started into the rocks. The place was packed, so Beau took the short cut straight up the cliff. Easy for him until the small rock (6 ft plus) on the other side pushed back. That's where the fun began. Rock seems to be much stronger then the jeep frames, which separate when the proper amount of force is applied. Beau has that formula! After searching everyone's rigs we found enough welding rods and tools to battery weld it back together. Then we decided winch hill one was out. Back across the river and slow roll out. Beau headed down to camp and rest of us drove up to signal peak for view run. Hauled ass back to camp to find the Girls, kids and dogs gone (first time we have ever had to wait for them!) They had been down at the swimming hole enjoying the day. Pot luck that night was outstanding! Beau set the camp fire where drinks and stories were shared. A bonus lighting show that night kept us up late until the rain came and off to bed. Sunday had us rolling out at different times. Great trip, can't wait till next year!

Extra note: There were lots of hikers on the trail Saturday with cameras and very interesting questions, like what happens to spilled oil and what about fire's and how do the trees get scarred? We talked nicely with them about trial clean up kits, proper equipment and treading lightly. Bummer is they don't want to share trails and you can't just run them over! 'Cause then you'd have to use your trail clean up kit! ;-)


Happy wheeling

Paul Wubbels


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