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Barrett Lake
Sept 11-15

Trip Reports: Hollister Hills

Saturday, November 1, 2003

The plan was to meet at the Kmart parking lot on 41st Ave at 8:15 am Saturday morning. It was a close call weather I would make it after having a battle with food poisoning. But that is another story that is better left untold. I did call and advise the group I was running late. However the group decided to wait for me. I arrived about 10 minutes late, we all exchanged hellos. We hit the road headed towards Hollister Hills at 8:30.

We made it to the Ranger station at 9:35, which is only 5 minutes later then we had meant to be there. Unfortunately Lance and Nick were no where to be found. I made a couple of calls to make sure they were not running late and then we headed up to the gate. We pulled into the picnic area by the obstacle course at about 9:45. Everyone started to air down, disconnect their sway bars and use the restrooms if needed.

At about 10:10 we moved down the obstacle course and started playing around. We played on almost everything but the mud pit. There were a couple of dings and scratches, one Jeep even got stuck in squeeze rock for a few. While Rick was running the little Rubicon a Toyota truck that was following us flipped on its side at the crack. This happened at almost the exact same spot where the red Toyota rolled at mud-n-yer-eye. Must be a Toyota thing! ;-)

One thing that appeared to start at squeeze rock was we had 2 other groups of wheelers that we leep frogged with all day. It seemed where we went they were either behind us or as the case after lunch in front of us. Anyway back to the obstacle course. Johny surprised us and showed up at 11:00, where he joined in on the playing.

At about 11:30 we decided that we should go to the base of truck hill for lunch. We arrived there at 11:50, after playing around in the ruts at the bottom and a few even went up truck hill we stopped and ate lunch. While eating the other groups showed up and provided us with something to watch. At 1:00 pm it was decided that it was time to move on. Since I had never been to the top of the park I suggested we head that direction. We got to the top of Heactor heights at 1:20. We stopped and enjoyed the view and then lined up for some group photo’s.

Hollister 03

1:45 pm, we talked about where to go next and it was decided to head down to tank trap and see if anyone wanted to attempt it. Once we got there Rick decided to give it a go. He was able to navigate his flexy rig to the bottom with no body damage. The exo-cage defiantly held up and got used, so to say. Once we made back to the top of tank trap and were all together again it was decided that it was time to head on home. We went down to the ranger station and aired up. At 3:25 we headed towards home. Over all is was a great day, the weather was perfect, the wheeling good and the company great.

Write-up by Eli Casey


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