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Sept 11-15

Trip Report: Mud-in-yer-eye (aka: Frolic)

Hollister Hills: Saturday & Sunday, April 26-27, 2003
Trip report by Troy Rose

The gate opened around 6:30am Friday morning. I was able to secure my normal camping site, and have enough room for all who showed. In Attendance were; Eli & Judi, Skip, Terry, his wife and son, Kevin & Shannon, Dan, Amy, James and me. As soon as I got my EZ-up tarp set up, the weather turned, and rain started to fall. I thought this is okay, as long as it stops soon. Well, it didn’t. The rain fell pretty much all day, (with small breaks) and into the night. Made for some slick, snotty goo for roads!

The lavations started real soon as well, I had been practicing making bloody Mary’s for about 2 weeks prior to the run, not sure how well they were, but, received no complaints. (People were obviously being polite) Anyhow, the spirits were good all night!
Saturday morning: The rain had stopped; there was a brief moment of sunshine, then it was gone. Sometime around 4:30am a BIG V8 awoke, and decided to go play in mud. (Rather rude as many were still trying to sleep) Vehicles were already lining up for the first run when I finally climbed out of my camper shell around 6am. We choose not to do the first run, (it was pretty full already) let the second run go, and Amy drove her Jeep around and got in line for the 3rd run. When she finally made it up to camp, we all jumped in line.

For those that have not done a Mud-In-Yer-Eye the gate to the park is up a slight incline. In dry times, this incline poses no problem. However, when it’s wet? It was quite sporty. One didn’t want to use a lot of throttle here, otherwise one would not get far! We all made the gate, then traveled less than ½ mile and met traffic. We were stopped! Turns out there were a few full sized pickup’ a few toy’s and a few jeeps stuck down in a canyon, and the vehicles behind them were backed into the trail we were on! We stayed stopped for maybe 25 – 40 minutes right at the start of the run! Someone up ahead of us decided to take a “bypass” and when the trail was clear for us, we followed. Most of the original run laid out by the MTA club had to be changed due to the amount of rain we had, so we were only able to perhaps 50% of the original trail.

We followed the trail marker, ran into a few more stops, but we were able to continue. The first game was located in the open area just above Sycamore camp, I don’t recall the name, and we didn’t stop for it. The trail markers lead us towards “Truck Hill”. As we approached, there was a nice big jeep-eating crevasse that allowed everyone to get “good air” from the front tires! I chose to go park in the trees and take pictures of the club members coming up. Once everyone had climbed through the crevasse, we parked for lunch. While doing lunch, we had the opportunity to watch various vehicles run up truck hill. The hill was “paved” and many vehicles including stock wranglers were having no problems. Amy gave it a try and had no problems. During our stay at the base of truck hill, Kevin got a medical call. Initially the call came for near the base of truck hill, well we were there already and didn’t see anything. Turned out it was at the second game (the ring toss) located about 200yds south of the hill. Apparently, someone had tried to move his steering wheel with his head (he lost the battle to tune of 16 stitches). There was someone already at the scene attending the individual when our EMT’s arrived. This was not last time our EMT’s would be needed!

We left the truck hill scene, followed the trail markers for a while, with no trail problems. We ended up in the obstacle course. We spent a good few hours watching others & playing on the various obstacles. There was a roll over on the rocks used to fill a huge crevasse (it was a Toyota). Kevin and Amy played on the “Stair steps”. Someone in a full sized chebby was doing donuts and while in motion, caught traction and rolled over! We missed all the mud pit runs, as no volunteered to go through while we were there. When we tired of the obstacle course, I had made a decision for my self to return to camp. Skip was with me, to return to camp, so off we went. Amy, James, Dan and Terry, ( I believe ) decided to play in the mud just below the obstacle course restrooms, and this is where Amy blew her head gasket. She was able drive it back to camp. James then towed it home and returned to the park.

With the wheeling over, it was time to sit back and relax and think about dinner. Dinner for those that ordered it was to start at 5:30pm. Kevin, Shannon and his friend (sorry can’t recall his name) were in line for the meal (3rd!) when they received another medical call. Off they went.
This call turned out to be a little more serious than the their last, as both an ambulance and helicopter arrived for the victim! He was taken by air to the nearest medical facility for evaluation. Turns out, the person was not thinking smartly, when he endured his injuries. Kevin can elaborate. The term “Face plant” comes to mind.

The band started up around 7pm, can’t recall their name, (it wasn’t the California Cowboy’s this year) I’m not a big country western fan, so I can’t say how well or bad they were. I paid little attention to them.

Sunday: Time to start packing up camp. The raffle wasn’t going to start till 9am, so I gathered up my camp equipment, and got it ready for loading up. I didn’t win a thing in the raffle, (only bought $10 worth this year). Terry was lucky, he scored a few items, Eli & Judi were able to catch/steal some “Tee’s “ that were tossed into the crowd towards them. One guy off in a corner was winning almost everything! Seems like he had every “purple” ticket that was called! Later I heard him yell out “$500 worth of purple” - No wonder he was winning.

No one in our group won the winch this year. Kevin, Shannon, and Terry were packed and said goodbyes and left. I hooked up my jeep and left perhaps 1/2hr later or so. Was glad to get home and get a normal shower!

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